Professional business-app development
We solve complex problems in the development of online services and applications.
Turnkey CRM/ERP development
We have been creating business applications since 2014. We have a large portfolio of completed projects. Our team has experience in launching our products. We think in business indicators.
Development of mobile applications and web services
We create mobile applications of varying complexity for iOS and Android. We maintain the application after execution
Development of prototypes and MVP
Let’s quickly make an MVP for testing business hypotheses. We will develop a prototype or proof-of-concept.
About us
The company "Modern Information Systems" was founded in 2014 to develop a startup in the field of CRM systems. Having accumulated experience in our product development, we began to offer our services to other organizations. During our work, we have managed to form a strong team capable of solving a variety of tasks in the development and support of digital products.
6 reasons to work with us
Experience in developing our own products
We know how important it is to fulfill the business tasks of our clients. We have extensive experience in developing our business services.
Well-established processes of working on a product
Competently approach the issue of planning and development. We minimize our clients' risks.
Developers with rich experience
Our people are professionals in their field. They make products conscientiously so that they can recommend them to friends.
A full range of services from writing technical specifications to support
We provide consultations and help clients to understand the technical details and nuances.
Flexible pricing policy
We can work both at the agreed price and with an hourly rate. When is the best approach — read on our blog.
We don’t say "project", we say "PRODUCT"
To carry out production projects to order is not our approach. We create convenient and profitable products.
Our specialization
We carry out a wide range of tasks, but there are things where some of the best
High loads
The development of services designed for stable operation under high load requires a special approach to the design and development process. We have made similar products and are capable of driving a lot of traffic.
Fault-tolerant systems
We carry out balancing, reserve resources, set up replication and filter traffic. We reach at least 99.99% uptime.
Recording, storage and fast processing of large amounts of analytical data using professional tools. With us, analytics becomes easier and more accessible.
Startups and Rapid Prototyping
We create fast flexible prototypes of services and applications, develop MVP. The resulting products remain flexible and scalable, making them easy to develop and operate.
87Б Kirenskogo st, 703, Krasnoyarsk, 660041, Russia
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